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houstonpat(9a)March 1, 2012

I lost the tag to this one. Does anyone know the species. I'm looking at moving it to a larger pot. Any tips or suggestions?

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penfold2(4b, MN)

Didierea madagascariensis

When repotting very spiny plants I've folded sheets of newspaper into strips which I then wrap around the plant. Hanging onto the ends of that newspaper is a lot more comfortable than trying to hang onto the plant itself.

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rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)

I believe it is Didierea madagascariensis. Sorry, I have no experience, therefore no advice, about potting up.

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Keep your hands clean of sap some are very dangerous to handle, use milk if it starts to sting any plance on your body eyes or any other openings. Norma

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I had one a long time ago, I think thats the correct ID.


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Many thanks y'all.

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That's a sweet plant. And as I've likely bored you with before, the proper response to Didieria? is 'Did s/he ever.' This plant really likes summer - yours is looking just great. General succulent culture is what this likes.


This plant doesn't have a sap problem. The Didieriaceae, (Didieria, Alluaudia and Alluaudiopsis) aren't harmful unless you grasp them powerfully, like when you don't think about not catching one of them as they fall while being repotted (I did it - it hurt). One must be a lemur to hold them without hurting.

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All good info.
How about pot shape... that is, broad and shallow or deep and narrow? BTW, this winter I kept the temp up a bit more and it didn't really go dormant. I over winter it with cactus in a dry part of my greenhouse. Temps do occasionally get into the upper 30's. Humidity remains fairly high. Normal summer location at my house is next to a typical wood fence. I drive a nail in the fence then tie a string from the nail around the Didieria. Sun most of the day.

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