Should I replant this cactus in a bigger pot?

AndrewDSMarch 14, 2014

This little guy went through a massive growth spurt, its at least three times bigger then it was a couple month ago. I've never repotted a cactus, do you think I should repot and also should I be watering it more since its growing more? I want it to grow big

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Nice cactus! In my opinion, that one is ready for a new home! Just size up slightly in width and depth. I prefer clay pots. Keep shaded a couple days after transplanting if it's an outside plant. Not sure about the watering.

I'm not an expert, others may differ with me, but that's my 2 cents.

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I would put it in clay if for no other reason - to get some weight...looks like it could topple any time. Would be shame to break it.

Good looking cacti.


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Just picked up a clay pot and some cactus potting soil and will give it a new home! thanks for the advice

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