Bromeliad is dying? Help please!

ladycamilleOctober 24, 2008

I bought a 2-3 foot tall Bromeliad, it was a bright deep red with 2 "pups" as i've learned they are called. It cost me about $45 and the florist warned me the mother flower would die off. He said it should last a few more months though. I've had a bromeliad before, a small one from walmart a couple years ago and it died. I am desperate to keep this one alive. I think I've found a 3rd pup. The greenery leaves of the mom are turning brown as well as the flower. I checked its water and I've been water as the florist directed, directly into the stalks where it is cupped to the plant, so the water shouldnt be a problem, it started turning brown so i thought it might not be getting enough light so i put it out on the back porch for a few days, which i dont think was so smart because it got cold here and fast, its been back inside for a few days now, looking worse, atm it looks better because i just trimmed off the majority of the brown spots. I even got a few whole leaves completely dead. The pups dont look bad but not good either, I am not sure if one of the leaves i trimmed was from a pup or the mom. and i see brown edges as if something had nibbled on it in spots on a pup. The florist said I shouldn't seperate the pups from the mom as they could very likely die. So how do i nurse this baby back to health? And sorry I dont have a camera to attach to my computer to post a picture up...

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Dont keep the plant wet if its winter in your area. Let it dry a bit between waterings. Gradually cut away the brown leaves and flower from mom and leave the pups alone. No direct sun just bright indirect light. To keep the pups growing keep temperature above 65 degrees.

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I trimmed back the mom plant quite a bit, there was tiny bits of pink left in the flower and little splotches of green still but I went ahead and cut the flower off. and trimmed the leaves down ALOT! I have found 2 more pups! For a total of 5 pups in a relatively small pot. I am hoping the trimming the mom as much as I did doesn't harm the pups? I still see brown spots on the mom too though, even though the greenery is down to less than 6 inches. Except one of the pups. I haven't trimmed them ofcourse. I do have anther concern though that the last 2 of the pups that I found were growing down in an outside leaf of the mom. Which i tried to remove so they could get a bit more sunlight. They are pretty small compared to the other three but are bright green like the others. Should I take the pot to a florist and have the pups seperated? I was warned when I bought the plant that this could kill them? Is that true? The florist didn't seem that knowledgable on this particular plant. This is the type of brom that I have...

I would really like to keep all 5 pups alive and see them all come to bloom but I am scared of killing them.

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Also is it true that the Mom could come back and re-flower? If so did I hurt this chance by trimming the mom so much?

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Mom will die and pups will take her place...leave the pups alone...The plant you have is a Guzmania if the picture is correct

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