An aeonium? ID help, please

crdahlia(z8bWA)October 23, 2006

I got this plant from a friend, but he doesn't know for sure what it is. The lady he got it from said it is an aeonium, but I can't find one just like it on the web. This particular one measures 14" across, and one of the stalks is 14" high. He said he thought you could propogate from seed. Correct? and if so -- how do you take the seed? I'd really appreciate any help.


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It's a large Echeveria. They are usually propagated by offsets or leaves. If the stalk is long and bare, you can behead it in the spring, let the top dry for a day or two, and then plant it in a dry cactus soil mix to reroot it. The stalk may put out more offsets for you as well. I've not tried seed, but have heard that it's dust-like, and takes longer than the above methods.

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