Thank You Brenda!!!~~~~ :o)

sandysseeds007April 24, 2010

An abundance of seeds arrived 2 days ago, more than I expected! I should certainly be able to get a double or two out of I hope you find something nice for your garden with the extra $ - Thanks Again!

Hugs - Sandy

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roper2008 (7b)(7b)

I received seeds from Brenda also. So far 3 have sprouted. I check on
them everyday. Thanks Brenda, will post pictures.


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You're welcome, ladies! Much luck with them.
I cut back this year and only have around 75-80 seedlings. It's fun growing them and I do have a new load of composted chicken litter to plant them in, just got it into the bed yesterday- that is my big secret for getting first year bloomers- start 'em early and give 'em chicken poop! LOL!!!

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Well I've no idea where to get chicken poop, but I'm getting 150 lbs of worm castings tomorrow! I'm excited, as I got a real good deal on it and my garden is starving for some natural fertilizer. I'm just going to scrap the top soil and dig a little around the roots and lay it in. The brugs will get the 20% in the soil deal, as they deserve some extra special attention.
Maybe I'll actually get some seedlings to bloom this year, thanks for the hope Brenda!

- Sandy

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forever_a_newbie(z7/8 VA)

My Datura seeds from Brenda also germinated. The are all purple though. I wonder whether the yellow type also shows purple as seedling?
Thank you very much Brenda!

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