Dwarf Euphorbia 2

www_euphorbia_de(Germany)October 30, 2005

The Somalian Euphorbia sepulta is a true dwarf as it produces globular shoots only 2 to 3 cm. Slowly growing with the age the plant builds a dense cushion.

I so far failed to grow Euphorbia sepulta on its own roots but see my grafted plants living long and prosper. Frequently used stocks for E. sepulta are over here E. canariensis and resinifera. The latter seems to induce an earlier and more opulent bloom.



Btw, as you see I figured out how to show thumbnails side by side. :-))

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Hi Frank
One of my favorite plant indeed but I havn't seen a bloom on these yet. I got some clumped plants from Aridlands and find them extremely slow growing on their own roots so I also grafted some offsets on E. lactea. They seems to grow VERY fast on those strong stocks, but I guess for your climate E. lactea is not as cold tolerant as canariensis or resinifera?.


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E. lactea seems somewhat difficult to me. It doesn't like cold and higher air humidity and is sensitive to spider mites and fungus diseases. Not a plant I would use as grafing stock. In comparsion E. resinifera and canariensis are perfectly easy.


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cactuspolecat(Tasmania Aust)

Beautiful plants Frank, and as usual fantastic photography!


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jeffrey_harris(San Diego, CA)

Euphorbia Jedi Knight Frank,

Would you teach the rest of us how to do the side-by-side thumbnails?

When I do post thumbnails, I have your instructions for that. See, you started a tradition, and it shouldn't be stopped.

Nice pictures, as usual - thank you for the geographical information.

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