Please help me ID this Bromeliad

fieldofflowers(3 or 4a)October 15, 2013

I got this from a local conservatory marked as Cryptantus Fosterina.

Upon researching I realized right away this doesn't appear to be correctly labeled. It isn't a Cryptantus. The lady in charge of the bromeliads was just as stumped as I was. She figured it could be any of the two families that produce pineapples. According to her, this plant will produce some small ones, but very sour and nasty to eat. (her experience, lol)

Both of us have exhausted our resources trying to find out what this plant is, or even what family to look for. This is why I am here. Wondering if any of you can recognize this plant?

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HoosierBob SW Indiana Zone 5

Just a guess here from another northern may be x Anamea 'Scorpio', a bigeneric. Below is a link to the Florida Council's brom pictures. You'll need to scroll down the left index to the bigeneric area to find it.

Since it's a bi-generic, it's only half pineapple, so it probably does make nasty fruit. You'll be able to identify it better once it blooms, so you may want to re-post it then when you can see flower color, etc.


Here is a link that might be useful: Florida Council Brom Pix

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fieldofflowers(3 or 4a)

Thank you. I'll have to ask the lady at the conservatory or make sure to bring my camera along if the others are still in bloom. I don't go there until another two weeks from now.

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hotdiggetydam is great place to start. I doubt it makes a fruit if it is
'Scorpio' it will have flower similar to an Aechmea which turns into a pup.

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fieldofflowers(3 or 4a)

I forwarded this post to the lady from the conservatory who tends these. She thinks x Anamea 'Scorpio' is highly likely, but said it won't be until at least a year before they bloom again. So I guess it won't be until a year I can post a follow-up if I remember.

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