Euphorbia caracias

aajoo(Sardegna-Italia)October 19, 2005

Just a view of a native sardinian plant: Euphorbia caracias. The pic was taken this afternoon. You can see also an Agave and an Almond tree.


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Nice plant, Davide.

Do you know of which subspecies it is?
There are E. characias (spelling!) ssp. characias with dark brown and ssp. wulfenii with yellow nectar glands. Both may occur in Sardinia.


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Thanks Frank. Sorry I don't know which subspecies it is. I have tried to google E. characias wulfenii and I found a lot of pics (all seem close to my plant) but no sites for E. characias ssp characias. Is it different from E.characias?

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the following details are according to Volker Buddensiek's Euphorbia CD-ROM.

Euphorbia characias ssp. characias Linnaeus 1753, Sp. Pl.: 463

Euphorbia characias ssp. wulfenii (D.H.Hoppe ex W.Koch) A.Radcliffe-Smith 1968, Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. 79: 55

Description: Persistent, only somewhat semi-succulent Euphorbia, shoots erect, not branching, 30 to 150 cm (ssp. characias) to 180 cm (ssp. wulfenii) high, fleshy, becoming woody at the base, densely pubescent, flowering in their second year; spineless; leaves numerous along the branches, elliptic-oblanceolate to linear, 3 to 13 cm long, 4 to 10 (to 20) mm across, leaves of the previous year larger, attenuating towards the base, margins entire, revolute, greyish green, sessile; cymes as numerously rayed umbels, in the upper axils of the leaves and terminal, forked, with 10 to 45 cyathia, peduncles 3 to 5 cm long, branching up to 3 times dichotomously, supporting cyathophylls elliptic or spathulate, involucrum cup-shaped, 2 mm in diameter, yellowish green, 4 glands, these reniform, dark brown (ssp. characias) or yellow (ssp. wulfenii), with short appendices.

ssp. characias: Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Malta, Bosnia-Herzegowina, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Crete, Turkey;
ssp. wulfenii: France, Italy, Malta, Bosnia-Herzegowina, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Crete, Turkey;
introduced into Ecuador, Argentina, New Zealand, Tunisia and Great Britain.


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