Haworthia seedling

bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MIMarch 26, 2014

So how large must these be to transplant, "safely"? These are from own cross and I failed take good notes, so I don't recall the parents. I know it is too early to know what they might look like months from now, but they seem to have a distichous nature so one parent may have been H. truncata.

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They all seem to start out rather distichous, but if they're going to grow into rosettes you'll probably see it soon with the bigger seedlings. Love the patterns on the leaves! As long as they're growing fine, you can probably leave them as is until they start elbowing each other for more space. But if you need to transplant, you can probably already do so at this point as long as you can easily handle them (tiny ones can be hard to replant). I've even accidentally broken the roots off and they'll re-root. Might set the seedling back a bit but it usually recovers.

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Howard, you've kept this quiet! I didn't realize you had these beauties growing, very nice! Ken's advice is spot-on. I'm inclined to wait until the plants are begging for more space, but that's because I'm overloaded with transplanting. I've definitely learned that transplanting at the right time gives seedlings a boost and enables them to grow faster and bigger than they would if left cramped in shallow containers. Many of my plants are like teenagers that need their own rooms, unable to progress until they get more space.

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

Thanks to both of you. Yes, for now they will remain as is. Soon I will have more seed to sow...this is getting exciting!!!!

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