Early Buds

karyn1(7a)April 8, 2010

So far NOL, Swingtime, Rosalla and Rabadana (sp?) have buds but I'm not sure that they'll hold because they are so early. All but Swingtime have just recently put out foliage so I'm really surprised to see buds on any of them.

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Sure hope the buds hold on, Karyn. It will be great to see pictures of blooms from these brugs!

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haase(10 CA)


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taz56(z8 Ga.)

Wonderful Karyn, I have a few buds also. Hopeing they will bloom!
We are haveing thunderstorms to night maybe they won't
blow off! Looking forward to some pictures!

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I PRESUME that you left your Y's on from last year? No foliage but flowering tends to lead me to my presumtion...lol

Yeah, you have to get us pictures of those happy brugs
- Sandy

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