Euphorbia trigona (I think) branches falling over -- help?

lindsay_bMarch 23, 2013

Hi all! I'm a *very* newbie gardener and don't know much about this plant. I rent from a very nice lady and I'd hate to let her plant die if I can avoid it!

First, one of its long stalks fell over; then two others followed suit. They don't appear to be broken at the base. My question: should I try to prop them back up (maybe tie the whole thing to some structural support), or is the falling over evidence of disease that should be removed? I do notice that several of the stalks have large brown patches up the middle, but don't know if that's common for this plant. I wonder if the whole thing is getting enough light, since it's planted beneath a large tree?

If the fallen parts do need to be removed, is that a job for a professional? I know it has a milky sap that is a nasty allergen.

Many thanks in advance for any advice you can give!

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Mine does this all the time... I don't have mine planted in full sun and that is the problem I think... plants grown in full, all day sun (and re-exposed to winds as well) tend to be stiffer and more durable (though maybe a bit less colorful). Anyway, when mine is exposed to winds, many of the columns bend over.. I tie them up, but still a few find ways to bend over. REc: if you can, replant yours in full, all day sunlight. You may need to stake it up in the mean time.

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Thank you so much! Very relieved to hear you have this problem too! Will try staking it, for now at least. Really appreciate the help!

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