Succulent Problems & ID please

bryannaarmstrongMarch 4, 2013

I do not know what is going on with my succulent. It's all droopy and I have watered it plenty, I usually soak it about once a week. If soil is still damp I'll do every other week. It's directly by a window.

Also, whats the name of this succulent?

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

Oh poor, sad thing. It looks like it could be Graptopetalum paraguayense, but just as easily could be an intergeneric (like an xGrapotveria). I'd say it's probably getting too much water & not enough sun (etiolated). Is that green stick behind another succulent (like a Euphorbia)? Any way you could put this outside, where it might get more warmth & sunshine? I'd change watering to every 2 weeks (or whenever it gets bone dry)...maybe change the soil to something than drain better/more quickly (less peat-type soil).

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