Where to find cultural info for different genera

jwnesmith(8b/9)October 6, 2012

I have found specific growing data hard to find. General information is easy to find but I can find little on Canistrum, Hohenbergia and some others. Is there a good source anyone knows? All the informative books seem to be from Australia.

I think the best way to get cultural information is by finding out where in Brazil etc. they come from.



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You need to go to where the best information is. What's local is often taken for granted and even ignored. Where it's an exotic you get more interest and usually more information.

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One source is FCBS.org Also sellers of the plants would be a solid source. Another would be a local bromeliad society

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elpaninaro(z9 TX)

Second the vote for local bromeliad society. And you might even find the info on the web. Many bromeliad societies have local culture info for various genera and sometimes even lists of specific species/hybrids that do well. It may be harder for some of the less common genera, but it is a good first stop.

As for finding out more about the original habitat of certain species- I am by no means any kind of expert on bromeliad books, but the one book I do have which gives useful info species by species is "Bromeliads" by Victoria Padilla. The majority of the book is dedicated to descriptions of individual bromeliad genera and species, and most entries include at least the altitude and state/country of the primary habitat (or at least the habitat known at the time.)

It was my grandmother's book (4th printing- 1976), and some of the taxonomy has changed since- but still I find it an interesting resource. I do not know if it has been revised and updated.

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Thanks to all. I will find that book to look at. I know someone in our society has one. FCBS and BSI don't seem to have much. I have also found the sellers can speak from experience. I just don't like to bug them too much.
Thank you for ya'lls (I'm Southern) advice.


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