danaoh(SWOhio zone 6)October 15, 2013

Bought an "air plant" at a discount store. It was stuck in a tacky small pumpkin. Figured I would just take it out of that, water it per instructions found on this site. So pulled on plant, discovered it had been glued into pot. Got out all but very bottom of plant in one piece. Watered the large section, also dribbled some water on what was left in pot. Do I have a viable air plant?

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No way to answer without a photo of the plant.

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If it's more green than brown, brown as in death crisp and not natural coloration, you have a viable air plant. Ditch the vendor instructions and do a little reading on general tillandsia care. If you're keeping it inside and you don't live in a sauna you'll want to soak it for an hour two or three times a week, and keep it where you get bright and indirect sunlight.

If you post a picture it can probably be identified pretty quickly. There's a lot of ionanthas glued to porcelain pumpkins this time of year.

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