my queens tears bromeliads look a hot mess!

cardarlin(5)October 10, 2010

I have a group of Queens Tears Bromeliads I recieved in a trade last month. They've been adjusting well. The only gripe I have is that they look TERRIBLE. Some of the outside leaves have brown spots all over and they are bent with a crease or many creases. The middle has a lot of dead leaves but I tug at them and their pretty firmly attached still. I didn't want to do anything drastic without inquiring here first. Is there a way to clean these guys up so they look halfway decent through this winter?

Also, What kind of fertilizer should I use and when. I'm new to bromeliads.


Here is a link that might be useful: Queens Tears

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If they are in a heavy potting mix I would put them in a light loose mix like aged bark and use a tall pot with a shallow amount of soil. You can trim out the bad looking leaves. Mine grow like weeds potted like this for 10+ years. I clean them up about twice a year and add small amounts of aged bark a tiny bit of time release fertilzer.

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I have them in an orchid potting mix but its full of mix not shallow. I might change that. Will an orchid fertilizer be good for this bromeliad? I read somewhere that you can use that.

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Orchid fertilizer is what I use, and usually the broms sit in a orchid mix too. Also, many of the well grown specimens I've purchased from the local bromeliad societies were simply planted in cypress mulch and light soil. I'm not endorsing it, but its worked fine in my experience.

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I use Miracle Gro and lots of Florida sunshine.It's the week before Christmas and mine just bloomed..LB

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hotdiggity, would you consider trading some of those QTs for some thornless prickly pear.??? molly /

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EBay is a very inexpensive way to buy this plant. I just had to thin out the prickly pears..they grow wild here around the palms.

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