plastic greenhouse offgassing...

chaparralgirl(Sonoran Desert (CA))March 2, 2012

So, hubby got me one of these for my ever-growing plant collection:

It's cute, but it's almost entirely plastic. Aside from wondering what will happen to it once summer hits (i.e. will it melt? and I'm totally being serious), I wonder if the offgassing is at all harmful to my plants. Right now, since it's fresh out of the box, it smells like a swimming pool. I know that if I leave it outside for x-amount of time, it'll offgas enough so that I can't smell it anymore. Does anyone here have any experience with these plastic greenhouse setups? (FYI, I haven't put anything in it yet. I want to let it offgas first.)

Also, it's got that front flap that I can zip open and roll up, but shouldn't it have more ventilation than that? Should I consider cutting some holes in the sides to allow better airflow?


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hijole(9 Sunny California)

*CG* Well, it is cute, and I'll be honest I've actually thought of making something simular to that just for the greenhouse effect. Let us know what kind of results you get, I dont think it could hurt anything and after summer you could change the plastic and thats easy enough.

I havent a clue on ventilation but the zipper should provide sufficient air flow.


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I have one very similar to the one you've pictured and have had no problems with using it, whatsoever (and I cram a lot of plant in it in summer!). I have had it for 2 years on a 2nd floor balcony and it has survived everything from 100 degree days to pouring rainstorms, to 30+ mph winds (secured to the railings with bungee cords). I can't speak for winter, as I live in Wisconsin and I use it indoors without the plastic cover to keep my plants under my grow lights.

Because of the open bottom and the big door, I don't think the off-gassing will be a problem.

During rainstorms, I usually zip down one side of the door and only partially zip the other side, so that there is still some air flow.


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