Squirrels digging in bromeliad pots

elpaninaro(z9 TX)October 18, 2012

Evening all,

Having an unusual problem- it seems some squirrels are digging into the bromeliad pots on my patio. A rare issue with most of the plants, and I just refill the soil- no harm done.

However, I have a very large unusual form of Aechmea spectabilis (my prize plant) in a 10 inch pot that they are digging in with some regularity. Given the large amount of soil, they are making a huge mess. And since that is one of the ones only getting RO water- I have to soak a fresh batch of mix in RO water every time I need to replace soil.

Any ideas? I do not wish to be cruel, but for this one plant I am actually thinking about putting barbed wire on the surface of the potting mix to deter them. I have tried sporadic bits of broken clay pots, but that did not work and I do not want to cover the whole surface area of the soil with something heavy as that will hinder drying between waterings. Barbed wire seems the best solution, but again I am concerned about any rust leeching into the soil.

Grateful for any thoughts!


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Check the internet there a number of rodent deterants that won't harm them. Scents like bobcat are available. Seems they know when they smell a preditor and vamoose!

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Hi everyone,

Tom - Why don't you try wrapping some of that black bird netting over the top of the pot. The worst it could do to the squirrels is get them caught up in the mesh, but once this happens I think they'd stay away. Also as it's black in colour it wouldn't detract from the looks of your plant very much either.

All the best, Nev.

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elpaninaro(z9 TX)

Good suggestions both! Many thanks- I think either of those will work well. Now on to the hardware store!

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