moving a butterfly bush

jilliebean9700(7a)June 29, 2011

i have a large butterfly bush which has outgrown its spot & is crowding the other plants. what is the best was to relocate it and when??

i am also having a similar issue w/ a gay butterfly weed plant too.would it be done the same way and time?


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

I've had very little luck trying to move large, established buddleias. I would recommend chopping this mama bush into a bunch of cuttings. They root almost as easily as willow. Next spring when you know if your cuttings are still alive, you can remove the mama plant or try moving it then.

Every spring when I trim the BB's, I stick the cuttings all around the yard. They rarely live more than a few years so I never consider any of them permanent but there are many so it's ok when individuals die off.

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I never moved a BF bush, but I would definitely wait until fall. The shock of transplanting in this heat would surely not be good.

In fall, cut it back to about 1/2 its current size and re-plant it when there will be a few straight days of cloudy/rainy weather. It would be a good idea, as Purpleinopp stated, to root several cuttings to "hedge your bet"

Good luck

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thanks. i will take cuttings as you said.i followed a garden plan from spring hill and it seems over crowded to me. maybe i will leave the bush alone but still do cuttings,and move some of the easier things to move (lilys and stuff) out of it's way then.

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I have moved several of my BF bushes & yes...I waited until late fall/early winter or very early spring to move them when they are dormant. I find that if I take cuttings in the fall...they root! Other times, it is iffy! I cut them back & compost the new hole & till it. I haven't lost a moved one yet & am going to be moving my honeycomb this fall when we add a carport.
Good advice everyone...this summer heat will kill them for sure!

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