How long to root?

sunnygreece(10a~b)April 6, 2010

Hi everyone ,ive been reading this forum lately trying to find some info about how long it takes to root a Brug cutting as im usually on the Plumeria side and not tried from cuttings before brugs?And i cant find any time frame,,mine are potted up after 3 days in water and sitting indoors in a semi sunny window..Any estimates plse as to how long??im worried..oh and they are center cuttings...thanks for any help,i enjoy reading this forum as plumeria is slow this time a year and brugmansia is so nice and chatty!

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Hi. If it's a mature cutting (center or tip) roots will start to develop within a week. Brugs root a whole lot faster then plumies and are much more forgiving as well.

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Thanks Karen,its been over two weeks so it should have started,its just that there is no new leaves or growth just maybe a sign of a bud but hard to tell if it was there before?And one is shrivelling on top,i guess ill have to be patient!

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Make sure thst you don't keep it too moist. Are the stems still firm towards the base? It's not that uncommon for a tip to shrivel but it could indicate that the cutting is dying. Just give them time. Since they are mid stem cuts it's likely that it will take longer for foliage to develop but you should begin to see some sign of new growth at the leaf nodes soon.

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Well they are still firm near the base and i have only watered when planted as its still moist,not sure if it matters but it is a yellow variety that is shrivelling the other two look fine i think i will just have to wait, but it is sure shrivelling now about one quarter of the top , but not mush it goes hard,i think i have little chance but i will be patient xxthanks again for taking the time to advise ,i appreciate it.

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chena(z8 Texas)

Hey Sunny! Nice to see you pop in.. Looks like Karyn got you the info you wanted.. I hope you will stick around and get chatty with us..LOL ;0)

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So one out of the three cuttings has leaves and is rooted the one yellow one i was worried about just kept creeping down more shrivelling from the top,and the other wasnt so green and was brown but not shrivelled,,so i took out the brown one and it hasnt done anything so i decided to put it in water but i doubt it will do anything i think it must have been too old or needed water rooting the whole time?i will find out..And can you beleive the shrivelled one with no leaves i pulled it out and it has huge white roots all the way to the bottom!!i didnt disturb it as it came out with dirt intact so i just put it back and out in the sun now!Im surprised as this has been over 3 weeks and no change ,the other one that did well has 3 branches and leaves formed already so i guess differnt varieties are different?I wouldnt say that brugs root easier that plumerias for me as we have been having perfect rooting weather and my brugs have rooted same as my plumeria in time?Maybe the brugs i have arent used to warm weather ?Its a mystery to me..

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It depends on each cutting I use fresh potting soil pot them up and add bottom heat, heat matt use this on my plumeria too they root way fast alot of people say to use distilled water so it it take a little longer it will help not to rot,hard to root they put a baggy over cutting to help hold warm moisture big thing is don't add too much water. I add just enough water when I pot them up not wet hope this helps

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