I thought this was an Adenium I think I was wrong!

brownie(S. Missouri)October 23, 2009

I have had this plant for probably 7 to 10 years. It has never bloomed and about a year ago I got a bug to try and find out what it was. I looked thru many websites and thought I had identified an Adenium. Now, however I think I may have been alittle premature as the pictures I have seen of Adenium do not have spines. Can anyone help me out? Thanks so much!

Image link:

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No, not an Adenium, but a close relative in the family Apocynaceae: Pachpodium saundersii.

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brownie(S. Missouri)

Thank you so much joscience, now I can research and see what I have been doing wrong all these years!!!

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Luckily for you (and the plant) the care for both is similar, and P. saundersii is a very forgiving species. Anyway, the plant in your picture looks pretty good to me, so clearly you are doing something right! ;-)

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brownie(S. Missouri)

No, the plant has just managed to survive me. I have kept it in leaf all winter, I have allowed it to go dormant during winter, I have sun scalded it and it just keeps doing it's thing. Hopefully now I can get the right combination and maybe be rewarded finally with a flower or two. I was worried that I had stunted it's growth but now I find it is just a slow grower. It is nice to know these things. Again Joscience, thanks so very much!

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