water in cup?

lrn2groNovember 26, 2012

So I have this Brom that I don't know what type it is and not really sure if anyone would be able to identify it right now. I got it for free at the Bot gardens because I work there as a maintenance worker and when I got it it had the remnants of its flower in the middle and had water in its cup under it. should I make sure that there is constantly water in the cup? This plant also has 2 pups that I am waiting till spring to attempt to grow separately (im sure you'll see a post about that then) should I put water in their cups too or just the mother? I'm in college in michigan and my house is kept between 55-60 F, this plant sits about 5 ft away from a West facing window. I am assuming these will be helpful facts when giving advice.


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Yes, always keep water in the cup. I would also move it closer to the window. The brightest light you can get without being in sun. You can put a little water in the pups' funnels too.
The life cycle of bromeliads is that after the mother plant pups it will eventually die. The pups should be at least 1/3 the size of the mother before you remove them. I keep them on the mother as long as possible.

Did it have a flower stalk or was the flower down in the funnel?

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Ok thank you very much! So the issue with the light situation is that the west windows are in an awkward position and can't really have anything in front of them because they are right by a stairwell. I have moved most of my plants into my room because it is warmer, however i only have one north facing window. I think a grow light is in the near future for me. Should I wait to remove the pups till spring or do it whenever they are ready? i have one that is definitely ready but i didn't want to plant it and then have it die because of improper conditions.
I beleive the flower was down in the cone. All that remained when I got it was the remnants of the flower, no petals, but it was in the funnel.

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