Monarchs !!!!!!

alch21June 13, 2013

After a very disappointing Spring and no sight of our usual annual Monarchs migration, I am very pleased to report that I found several cats this morning feeding on swamp milkweed. We have NEVER had monarchs in June in South Carolina ! Hope it was just a lonely one and this is not going to confuse the rest of the Migration. We always welcome hundreds of Monarchs here in September ! Either way I was very excited and will enjoy these little babies ...

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bandjzmom(7 NWGeorgia)

Hmmmm..interesting. I don't normally have them here in NW Georgia until August.

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

I wonder if the traditional patterns of migration could be changing due to the rapidly changing availability of habitat. Recent droughts have certainly effected the nectar sources in the Bread Belt. I hope they are able to adjust quickly enough to rebound from their dismal numbers last winter. Congrats on your surprise visits. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.


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roper2008 (7b)

I checked my phototbucket pictures of some monarch's I
had raised in my sunroom in 2009. I already had some
out of their cocoons by June 12th. So far I have not even
seen any eggs, but I'm going to check this morning again.

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terrene(5b MA)

How exciting you have cats! I hope that Monarchs have an abundant year.

No sign of any Monarchs here in interior eastern Massachusetts yet, but they can show up any time between June and August. Along the coast, I think they are active for a longer period of time.

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No sight of Monarchs here yet, either. Plenty of other butterflies, especially the Swallowtails. I have lots of milkweed getting ready to bloom and full of nice leaves for the caterpillars to eat.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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tnu07mom(z8 SC)

I will have to go over to Furman a university and look at the milkweed there. They have quite a bit or it. The milkweed I have planted is still quite small. Even the milkweed at the butterfly garden near me hasn't flowered out yet. This weather has thrown everything off. I agree, it is usually September before we start seeing Monarchs in the upstate area and October is awesome!

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butterflymomok(7a NE OK)

I didn't get my first Monarch eggs here in my BY until second week of June, I think the 10th. I reported it to Journey North and checked my records. In 2010, the Monarchs didn't show up until June 4th. The first eggs I found are pupating. I have continued to find eggs until a few days ago--so for at least a week. I have collected about 35-40 eggs, and have had close to 100% eclosure.
If you visit Journey North, the consensus is that the Monarchs have been slow about moving north. The finding of eggs has been spotty as Kansas hasn't reported any as of yesterday. I am hoping there are lots of good people all along the way that take in eggs to raise. The odds in the wild are so slim, about 3 out of 100 eggs becomes an adult. I can believe it as my experience this spring with bringing in the caterpillars I found in the wild was depressing. I lost a lot of them. Some succumbed before pupation; some during pupation; and some emerged deformed. The wild eggs I gathered and raised were close to 90% successful. It's amazing we have any butterflies at all, especially Monarchs.

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