Tillandsia identification

angel.joNovember 9, 2012

I guess all you experts are pretty sick of people asking for help identifying species, so i will apologise in advance. I did post a picture in the 'what is this plant' forum and was reccomended to come here and pick your brains.

I was given a number of plants recently and i'm sure they are all Tillandsia but if anyone could give me some idea of the species so i can figure out how to look after them properly. None of them are in bloom and they are all fresh out of the bath so i guess a definite identification might not be possible, but if i could at least have some kind of starting point i'd be very grateful.

I also have to apologise for my total lack of technological prowess... i've been trying to get pictures off all (5-6) species on one message but have failed miserably so will resort to using the photo uploader to get one picture up and perhaps if someone could point me in the direction of some photo instructions i would be most grateful and will hold off the other few until i can get them all together.

Thanks in advance on all counts.

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Sorry I can't help you with a name.
Do you use Photobucket. If you download your pics onto it you can download multiple pics.

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It looks like T. albida.

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