vrieseaNovember 14, 2009

Seeing as i have had some great views of other peoples gardens etc( i dont do gardens) i thought i would post some snapshots of 1 of my brom buildings ,

2 nd view

3rd view

4 th view

5 th view

and 6 th shot of some seedlings

and some more

thats plenty or it may get boring cheers every one , Jack

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Sorry guys put the one photo in twice ,

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Hi Jack,

Thanks for the tour, great eye medicine.

I must correct you though on your statement, "thats plenty or it may get boring". Never, never boring Jack; a picture's worth a thousand words.

What are your brom. house walls covered with Jack, is it white fibre glass, and what's on the roof?

Thank's for sharing with us, all the best, Nev.

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Hi Nev,the roof and the back walls are covered with white ' Solar weave (save's cost ) and the rest is in clear Polycarbenate sheets with biscuit coloured shade cloth over ,the 'Solar Weave ' also comes in clear ,its very durable and the cost is reasonable ,the north and east facingwalls have Louvre windows in them for air flow ( building is 'L' shaped ) Jack

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paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)

Hi Jack,

I have to agree with Nev - it can't get boring. Even apart from the beaut big plants, I can just sit and look at those trays of seedlings and daydream about all those variations that are starting to come through. Great stuff - thanks for showing them. Cheers, Paul

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Very nice Jack! I have only a few foliar Vrieseas so I like to look at other people's - and I'm envious of your lots and lots of Vriesea seedlings, I still need to aquire the knack to grow them!

One ID please. In picture #5, what neo is growing in that hanging basket (top,centre)? The mother looks like all bright orangey/red and the pup yellow/green with some red markings?


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Thanks Jack - great preview of more beauties to anticipate!

K :)

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Thanks guys for your comments, Japie the Neo in question is Neo'Gold Lotto' wich is closely related to ' Break of Day ' its a smallish grower ,but very pretty ,thats probably the last pup the old mum will make ,cheers Jack

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Very very pretty plants. Thanks very much for sharing.


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Boy, don't you just love the point when the seedlings start showing some color and markings? That's about the most exciting part of the process to me, the rest is just waiting. And for Vrieseas, that means waiting and waiting and waiting.......

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Yep you're right Lisa ,the waiting is ad nauseum ,grant you that, lucky i was born with infinite patience ,but i do like it when they start to show some colour and markings,but i can see why Bill's and Neo's are so atractive to do,but we can't all do the same thing ,did sow some Neo seed last year though (can't help myself) Jack

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One hears vrieseas needs less light than other broms and I would have expected they could be the best broms to grow in European homes. Why are foliage vrieseas not at all offered in Europe garden centers (apart from standard fenestralis and nova etc in terrarien shops)? They do not have thorns, could have moderate size, even if one could argue they may be a bit oversized for window sills but they are not necessarily bigger than the very popular Aechmea Fasciata.

Your pictures make up for this lack of availability. But then you have to keep them coming I am ready for the pictures of your other greenhouses. Sure the others too..

One question. What is this green leaved pant with a branching pink inflorescence on pic #5 in the upper left corner? It sits on the bank in front of an I believe Vriesea Hieroglyphica. Even though I expect it to be a vriesea of some sort, do not knwo why :-), and if I would not know you do not keep Tillandsia, I might even guess it was a Tillandsia Lucida.

I think one day I will also try to grow out some nice foliage vrieseas from seed. You always make me have an Âappetite for them every time I see them. Have you already submitted seeds to Brom-L in Europe?

Thanks for sharing. They are very nice Jack.

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Hi noid ,I will answer what i can ,first, the European market is dictated by what nurseries feel that the averadge person will buy on impulse ,much research is done for this,but sometimes they get it wrong,take Aechmea ' little harve' what a waste of time,big plant ,small flower spike , piece of junk in my view ,then foliage Vr, are slow growing and not all of them tissue culture well ,but that is because they like to tissue from the flower spike not the nodes that make the pups (their mistake )foliage Vr, need very good light and in general are quite big plants,though most of mine are not any more ,' Nova ' (now seideliana ) and fenestralis tissue well and grow from seed well ,so they are available . I have not sent any of my seed outside from Australia ,for various reasons ,but have been asked many times.The green leaved plant with the pink flower spike is Vr.' Surprise ' ( not registered yet) its Vr,' kakadu' x Vr'Favorite ' does not show a lot of leaf pattern but its a stepping stone for the next generation ,The only Tillandsia's i wish to grow are the TANK types ,have a few ,the fuzzy type i have no interest in and no room for .I will take some more snapshots of my other building later and a few from around the backyard ,am not the worlds best photographer ,some Vr foliage types would be to big ,for instance Vr ' Montezuma's Gem' flowered at well over a metre across ,but the plants bred from ' Milky Way ' and ' The Daintree ' are much more compact .Thanks for your comments , cheers for now. Jack

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tomas(z9 Rome, Italy)

Hi noid,

from time to time I can see on the local flower market some good sized foliage vrieseas, Vr. hieroglyphica, fenestralis, ospinae var grueberi, Holland import I suppose. But they are in small quantities and quickly sold out. They sell three times the price of a neoregelia of the same diameter (the only parameter a non expert can compare).
I too think the slowliness is the reason they are not widely available.


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At the risk of being the new guy drooling and saying Wow to every post - well what can I say but Wow and drool...

Great set up and some stunning looking plants!!

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