Golden Barrel seedlings

SJVgardenMarch 13, 2013

Last spring I gathered seeds from my golden barrel cactus and planted them. So far so good. They are about 10 months old and vary in size from barely a sprout, to 3/4 inch tall. They seem to be pretty healthy, but today I noticed teeny-tiny bugs (like smaller than the grains of sand small) everywhere in the soil. They don't seem to be damaging the seedlings (yet anyway). Should I be concerned about them? Can I use a garden pesticide on them? Or will that kill my baby cactus?
Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you

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I am having a similar problem with my echeveria and cactus mix seedlings. I would also like advise about using pesticides on seedlings.

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Thought I would upload a photo. Can't even see the bugs, though. They are so small. The only way I see them is when they move around. They are sand color, and about the size of the white flecks in the pot. In fact, some of those may be the bugs.

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Could be plant lice, springtails, fungus gnats. All are harmless to plants. If they jump around when disturbed they are springtails. There is probably a scientific name for them but I am not sure of it. You could spray with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to get rid of them without harm to the seedlings.

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What cute babies.....can I send you some seeds so you can grow them for me? ;-)

I'm actually going to start some today unless I get called into work. It will be about my 20th try and I've never been successful yet. I think I just lose patience/interest. I have lots of seeds, but I'm concentrating on Echinopsis including some hybrid seeds I got off Ebay.

I know they won't be like their parents, but I may get lucky and get something interesting. That is if they live long enough.

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Good luck notolover! Just put them somewhere where they will be undisturbed for at least a year, and keep them moist. A plastic lid or plastic wrap over the top is a good way to keep their environment very humid. They say they sprout in 3 months, but mine took at least 6, and there are still sprouts popping up!

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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

I dont have the patience for seed starting exept for annual vegetables and flowers.

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