Newbie with ornamental pineapple plant

stephiepoopyNovember 6, 2013

Hello everyone! I am a newbie to this forum..and a newbie to the world of gardening too. A few months ago, in late May, I bought a cute little ornamental pineapple plant from Trader Joe's. I left it alone, rarely watered it, and placed it under grow lights that my father uses to grow tomatoes. Now, this week, I noticed that my pineapple plant has turned very yellow. I didn't anticipate this! I compared it to old pictures that I took when I first got it, and it sure has grown! Does anyone know if I have to harvest the fruit now? What will happen to my plant if I do or do not harvest the fruit? I have grown attached to the little thing and wish I wouldn't have to harvest the fruit. I am afraid I will harvest it incorrectly (I have a bad track record of killing plants, even killing succulents within a month of owning them) and then kill my poor plant. Please help. Thank you!

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Crenda SWFL 10A

I'm afraid your plant will die after you harvest the fruit. It will have nothing to do with your technique. You may be lucky enough to get ratoons - babies - to produce new plants and fruit, just like other broms.

I've had success in rooting the crown of a grocery store pineapple and enjoying the small fruit it produced. But alas, I did not get any suckers. So when it died, it died.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pineapple plant after harvest

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When you harvest it will not have any serious impact on when the original plant will die off. It will die off regardless. If you want to keep it going you can either wait it out and see if it puts out any offsets (they'll come either from the base of the plant or from between the foliage) or you can get the crown of the fruit established which isn't very hard if you take a little care in doing so. Google 'growing pineapple crown' and you'll find a bunch of good howto's on it. Good luck, and don't worry, pineapples are pretty hard to kill.

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I agree with what the others have said. I've got about 5 fruiting pineapples now. The mother plant will die when the fruit ripens, or whenever the fruit is taken off. It's normal for a lot of people to just take the top off the fruit, put it in soil and with only an occasional watering you'll get a plant out of it. The base of the mother plant should produce a few suckers which should also develop into mature plants.

When the fruit smells sweet it's fully ripened. Commercially they're picked earlier so that they travel better. Giving them occasional doses of weak fertiliser produces a better/larger fruit, although that's too late for yours now.

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Crenda SWFL 10A

naoh123 - Thank you, I wasn't clear. After blooming and producing fruit, the mother plant will eventually die. So go ahead and enjoy the fruit. Mine was small, but very sweet and juicy.

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Hello everyone! Thank you for your responses. They were all very helpful and I am now coming to terms with what I have to do (harvest the pineapple)! I might as well enjoy the fruit now and look into planting the crown. Thank you again! P.S. Crenda---your pineapple is beautiful!

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