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river_crossroads z8b Central LouisianaJune 30, 2013

Hi all, I have a pretty new Passiflora Caerulea / Blue Passionvine, hoping someday for GF cats, and really need some help with the plant.

What size pot?

See photo. I got it May 18 mailorder from a local nursery grown from cuttings. I put it in an 8 inch pot, which looked like the right size for it then but now, almost 6 weeks later, it is 7 ft tall with roots showing in the bottom holes of the pot, vine loosely tied to a post.

It is invasive in my warm climate and I need to contain it. I probably need at least a 12â pot by now but it is growing so rapidly that I might soon need an even larger pot. Could I put it in a 16â pot now so it has room to grow? Could the 16â pot perhaps be a permanent home?

Flowers drying up

It came with buds, has been blooming nicely on new growth and the vine looks good and healthy. Just recently the flowers that were forming dried up and fell off instead of blooming. The weather had been extremely rainy but now it is hot and dry. I have started giving it more water and have read that the soil should be kept slightly moist. About as moist as a wax begonia in a pot, which I let dry out until the top 1 inch of soil is dry? Or should the very top of the soil feel moist? Besides being too dry in a small pot, is there anything else that usually causes flowers to dry up?

What kind of fertilizer?

MG potting soil is what I normally use.

I found a rec online for Maypop, at least, of fertilizer that is 10-5-20. My Osmocote says 19-6-12, MG is 24-8-16. I buy gintrash (internet says apx 6.2 pH) and compost from my local ag supply as my yard is too small to compost myself. Also have some sphagnum moss I could mix in to get good drainage. What to use and when, including next year?

BTW, I see a GW Passiflora forum but it has little activity. GW Container Gardening recs a combination of so many products that I could not possibly store them in the space that I have. Any and all help greatly appreciated! Sorry for long post. Thanks so much! River

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This plant would take very little fertilizer. If you are growing it for Fritillaries then I think that little is needed. I'm sure your pot is too small now. The bigger the pot the less you will need to water it and the bigger it will get. It will eventually outgrow any pot. You will need to prune it if the butterflies don't find it. If they do the cats will do the pruning.

Miracle Grow will work. I wouldn't worry about drainage if you are using this medium.

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

I'm in southeast MS, very warm, and I had trouble keeping P. caerulea alive for more than a few years. It would decline the second year, then die out completely the third of fourth year. It certainly wasn't invasive. P. incarnata and P. 'Incense' both spread everywhere, and live on and on, but not P. caerulea, at least here.

Passionvines need room to spread out their roots. If I were you, I'd go ahead and plant it out.


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rickinla(8B SW AL)

My passion vines are in 20" pots still need water every day and I give them MG once a month. I have vigorous growth and blooms and fruit like crazy. If you're going to keep them in pots, the bigger the better.

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river_crossroads z8b Central Louisiana

Thank you all so very much - you have been a huge help!!
Best, River

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