brom_philNovember 2, 2008

hi every just got a small question

does any one here know how long Alcantarea can take to grow from seeds. thank you

oh and lisa i have just finly got hold of your blushing tiger she is realy butifull cant wait for it to get bigger

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Hello Phil ,

I had a Alcantarea and it took the plant 18 years to come to flower.Another one took 15 years.

Regards Bert

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aroideana(Tropical Australia)

I have a Alc. glaziouana flowering now at approx 8 years old . Several others from same seed batch are larger and show no sign of flowering , I can onlybguess the stress of being blown over and drying out a few times instigated this. MAny of the large Alc. brasiliana flowered after shifting at 13 years old , others took another 10 years .

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kool i brought around 100 seeds of Alcantarea brasiliana hmm i might be 40 before i see them flower

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