Lisa's namesake

hotdiggetydamNovember 13, 2008

First pup from mom off the plant I received

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Absolutely stunning crypt - wish I had more luck growing them.

Cheers Richard

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That is an outstanding crypt. The color is so bright.

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Wow.....HDD...Congratulations @(^_^)@....

from your friend Chanin

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No No ...thank you my friend ;)...Dennis looks pretty good too but no pups on that one yet

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My Dennis is on his second generation of pupping now, he's very prolific! LV has been a bit slower. She did pup, but the plant is just fosteriana brown with only the merest hit of lighter patch towards the center, no bright red. I have the same problem with Elaine, they just don't color up for me. They're in fairly low light already, maybe more food?

On the other hand, I have a Nivea that is also doing a reverse thing, and it grows much better for me. Has anyone else had it sport? I'm hoping not, so I can eventually register it.

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I have Lisa in 3 hours morning sun and 30% shadecloth the rest of the day...any lower light and she losses here red sparkle

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Hi Lisa, congratulations for your new sport of 'Nivea'

I agree with HDD that 'Lisa Vinzant' need an amount of sun light
to enhance the red color, mine have got 3-4 hours of filtered afternoon light.
I also put some LV in deep shade, they turn brown with paler red
yet more huge form. I hope you will be able to select some better color pups soon.

Chanin in Thailand

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Lisa - you are HOT!!! LOL

Congratulations, Chanin - you ought to be proud :)


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Chanin, you must be feeding them more than I do. Mine never get long and strappy like that unless they're in very deep shade, and I never get that red and black contrast.

Here's my Lisa V. It's not in deep shade, I have it in my 60% shadehouse, which would be too bright for the Crypts if I didn't put some large Vrieseas around them to cut down the light. They really do better underneath the bench. As you can see, the pups are brightly colored, but then it fades.

Here is my one and only Nivea sport, with regular Nivea in the background. I always get better color on Nivea than Elaine, so I think this will do better for me than LV. It remains to be seen how stable it will be.

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I'm not sure our temperature and himidity are the same, I guess not much different.
Mine, daytime 28 C to 34 C while 25 C to 28 C at nighttime, rather hot.

Lisa, I grow my LV in mix of coconut husk chopped with loam+leaf-mold.
I feed them with 14-14-14 Osmocote. I found some paler mother plant
can give better colourful pups, such as mine in the above picture.

Anyway, I realized that the 'mediopicta' variegation, like Cryp.'Ti',
is quite unstable while 'emaginata' type like 'It' is do better.

Your reverse Nivea look quite good now. (^_*)

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