What's going on with my plant... new at this!

spreadpeaceMarch 4, 2013

Hey all, I've never owned a succulent before so please forgive if this sounds like a dumb question... but what on earth are all those brown and white spots on the tips of my plant??

I just bought it recently, and it's been on my windowsill where it could get bright southern California sun, but unfortunately just a few days later all these ugly bumps show up on it.

Is it because I watered it with tap water? Is it a bug? Please help!

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Their are no dumb questions. I made my share of mistakes until I swalled by pride an d asked questions, and learned. That is the way to learn. Nothing is wrong with you plant, I would suggest more sun gradually. Mny plants don't grow perfect unless they are in a greenhouse with perfect growing conditions. just don't overwater. Don't grow in peat moss, keep it warm, I believe it to be a plant orig. from Mexico, and I know who brought it into this country.
It grows on rocky hillsides in Mexico, it gets fast draing soil and not catered to at all.

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