aechmea fasciata

brachabenNovember 19, 2009

i have some aechmea fasciata pot plants, 1.5 years old, and their inside leaves short and straight making a narrow entrance to the bloom to emerge.

i live in israel and our summer is very hot.

i'd be glad to any suggestion.



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Hi Bracha.
The centre leaves narrowing is often a sign of the flower spike about to emerge. I think it is the plant's way of supporting the inflorescence.
If that is the case with your Aechmeas, then you have nothing to worry about. Hopefully, you'll soon be enjoying their beautiful blooms.

Let us know?


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Hi Bracha,

Welcome to our friendly forum.

I think you may be the first member from Israel to join us, which just goes to show how our wonderful hobby is spreading its roots out to countries all over the world.

As Kerry says, let us know how your plant progresses, and have an enjoyable time reading all of the information and looking at all of the pictures on this great, informative site.

All the best, Nev.

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thank you for your friendly wellcome.
i failed tell you what is the problem of my plants' and i add some photos them, healthy and distorted plants.
the plants didn't bloom yet.
i have my aechmea for some years, allways were some distorted ones. this year it looks like an epidemic.
the leaves stay straight and it looks like a pipe
if you saw this distoration and know the reason, i hope you can help me
thank again

Here is a link that might be useful: bracha's aechmea

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Bracha, I found that Aech fasciata's get that close, upright form when grown in direct sun or too much light here by us. From the colour of your plants I would say that your plants do get the right amount of light. Could it be that your humidity is very low? Try to give one of your plants - apart from your usual watering - a regular misting of the leaves and see if it gets any better.


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misting is worth trying. but our relative humidity is high and we live 1 km near seashore. our summer is hot dry, we have no rain, only at winter. i water them by dripping, so maybe misting will help.
one more question: i want my plants to have the white cover of the tiny hair. any idea?

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Increased humidity will give you more scurf (tiiny hair)on the leaves. If you water by dripping, do you occasionally water from the top to keep the cup filled with fresh water? If you do not have water in the cups, that may be the reason for that 'piped' look - closing up to conserve what little water is in the cup!


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some of the plants have water inside the cup, other haven't.
i know water inside the cup are essential for the plant, but i neglected it.
thank you very much for your help

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