for Tillandsia aficiandos only

gonzer_gwNovember 14, 2008

The second half of my order came with the really good species. It's always exciting to get plants that have not been available. With the exception of malyi and arquitae, the plants are small. Stuff like this makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

T. heubergeri

T. aurea

T. arquitae

T. delicata

T. malyi (in the tectorum complex, stunning!)

T. alberi (very high altitude)

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Good choice of selection plants you've got there!
I particulary like the heubergeri. Please do post out when it flower. Read that it's one of few Tills with red flower.
Very interesting plants.

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I love the silvers. Do you mind sharing your source? Thanks!

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patusho25(z11 Mexico)

source, source, source.... >=D

really nice specimens gonzer. heubergeri reminds me of carminea. malyi is a keeper.


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Yeah? well,I looked anyways!

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Hey Gonz - another good score. Thanks for the show.

I looked those ones up this time, and I really like the heubergeri, delicata, and the yellow flowers and form of aurea.

Question - what are the best conditions for growing those in the tectorum complex? eg. light, temperature, and moisture requirements. My tiny stellifera is looking a bit poorly :(


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Nice specimens, Gonzer. T. alberi is an old synonym, currently known as T. muhriae, according to D. Butcher's Bromeliaceae Names and Synonyms (May 2007 ).


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