Record setting bay area warmth..last day?

stanofhJanuary 27, 2011

Rather then torture all of you with day by day posts of -It's warm!..I held out until today-another record warm Hayward day,about the 5th of the last 10-11 days.

Now,I'm kind of in awe of seeing warm temps for these dates no other Haywardian has seen since the 1870's,when the city was formed. I said that to the wife and she yawned at that like many of you-lol.

The streak is supposed to end tomorrow-but it was like a nice trip south for a break and temps 15f above average.

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I know what you mean. I dont want it to end. I am in Pittsburg and it is sooo nice compared to those other weeks of rain we've been having.

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You know we're having a bad winter when I am contemplating going to San Francisco to get out of the pea soup fog in Sacramento.

Carla in Sac

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The soil dried out so much in my museum garden where I have bedding plants and tulips emerging, Thursday I ran the water system, which was turned off for the winter. It is just misting here now after a foggy morning

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My daikon, gai lan, and Chinese giant mustard all bolted in the 2 week warm/hot weeks. Sigh...

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