Carrion Plant Bloomed

treecactusOctober 25, 2006

Well, the carrion plant bloomed - I've had 8 blooms so far. Here are three triplets that sprang up in one weekend. The stench is a bit much, right next to my desk, with several flowers newly opened!

Image link:

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What a beautiful Stapelia gigantea ! It seldom blooms three flowers at once - congratulations Treecactus !
Do you grow other stapeliads ?


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Actually - no. Who would want more!??! The stench IS bad, when the thing is inside, right next to your desk. It had five live blooms on it at one time, though I failed to get a photo, and eight altogether. There are only three live ones left, and no more buds. As they die off, I've just been clipping them. The "juice" really stinks, too!

But I think it's such an interesting plant!

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I would want more !!!
Look up here:

This one is much more stinky than your stapelia but I would love to have it !!!!


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Romani_30(7 TX)

Its beautiful.I didnt think Stapeliads had leaves.
I have a grandiflora too.It hasnt bloomed yet.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

While I only grow a few of these myself, I know a bunch of folks who do & grow these either out, or in greenhouses, but bloom them readily. Only some of them stink, & of those that do, some only stick at certain times of day; same is true of their close relatives like Caralluma, Orbea, Huernias, etc.

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