R.Lilly(7)June 10, 2013

I was at a coworkers house and her mom told me these were passionvine coming up so I ripped them up and put them in some water. Can anyone Id this so I'm not trying to grow a weed? Lol

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It looks like passionvine to me. My neighbor has the one you have...mine is the one with glossier leaves. I think the one you have is better behaved than mine. Mine pops up everywhere!! But I like it that way:)
Unfortunately I've only seen a couple of gulf Frits this year and only 1 cat which I raised and released 3 days ago. Hopefully they will show up soon...I miss seeing them twirling around my passionvine:(

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One less plant I have to pay for!! She said is has purple flowers! I may go dig up some more for extra in case none of these root.

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Gotta love freebies! I have a friend that has 7 acres of wooded property loaded with spicebush. I dug some up and when it gets established in my shady corner in my yard, I'm going back to "adopt" some cats!

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My last plant I need is a wafer ash

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

I just purchased a spice bush. I think they prefer shade, so I'll plant it on the east side of the house under a group of tall evergreens and oaks. There is already a viburnum there, and some small dogwood. Good luck to all as we perfect our butterfly habitat.


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I think the Spicebush also likes water, Martha. I get very few cats on mine. Don't know why. On the other hand my neighbor has a huge tree that they seem to like. Can't remember the name of the tree right now. Maybe it is a Camphor tree. Up north I think the Sassafras attracts them.

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wifey2mikey(7a Tulsa, OK)

I just got some passiflora incarnata from Sandy and she had just stuck the cuttings straight in potting soil and watered it/kept it moist. They are doing great! You might try that with a second set of cuttings.


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P. incarnata is a wonderful host, but tends to be invasive. Be prepared to pull lots that come up in inappropriate places on the property...

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butterflymomok(7a NE OK)

I have found the best way to start P incarnata is to pull the small sprouts and plant them in a pot of moist soil. Pull gently so as to get as much of the root as possible. I haven't really had luck with cuttings where there is no root. Thought I'd share this for anyone trying to get this plant started. I usually keep a pot of soil for the unwanted sprouts. And, there is usually someone who wants them. One year, I provided a nursery with about 30 of these sprouts, which they grew and sold. The key is that they must not be too big--just emerged is best.


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Will these new sprouts get large this season or be small? Should I use a large pot? Some of these already have roots sprouting! I literally yanked them right out the ground and they even shriveled up to nothing on the car ride home but since having them in a small glass of water which I change everyday with fresh water all of them sprung back to life and are rooting. I even had caterpillar poop on the table one morning but could not find a cat anywhere. I figure a butterfly may be flying in my kitchen soon!!

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butterflymomok(7a NE OK)

I have a large pot, but it doesn't matter the size. Sounds like your sprouts are already starting to take off. These won't get too large this year, but will take off next year. I found a chrysalis on the under side of the kitchen cabinets last night. Sneaky caterpillars! LOL.

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