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kxs106November 22, 2008

Today there is an event organized by the Bromeliad Society of Thailand. Here are pictures from the event.

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Excellent plant photo's. Baby Skotak sure is a variable plant.
The car rubra and pernambuchana sure look like close relatives

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ksx106 - Thanks for taking the time and trouble to share your wonderful pics with us.

I realy think the uniformity of the Neo. Carolinae x concentrica albomarginata is fantastic and is certainly the one I'd take if I could have one pick.

Let's play count the leaves, any takers?

Thanks again, All the best, Nev.

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Thanks for taking us to the show with you. I sure like that HUGE billbergia!


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Hi Kxs 106, great to see some more superb images, keep them coming cant get enough of this sort of posting, many thanks. Love those N Lorena's, have got 1 almost comparible but think the one shown would win. Those Neos just love that tropical heat all year round that we cant provide making it a real chalange here to get nice size and forms.

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Thanks for the visual feast, Kxs.

I'm guessing your favourite broms are billbergias and variegated neoregelias? :)

The perfect symmetry and layered effect of that N. carolinae x concentrica albo ('Bill Morris') has left me gasping - and with a neck kink!


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Oh my goodness what a wonderful time viewing your photos.
I'm just like Splinter, I'd love to have one of those Neo Carolinae X Concentrica Albo's. The one you photographed is a real treasure. I don't think I could count all those leaves Splinter. Who knows, maybe KXS can tell us how many leaves it had. LOL

That was my favorite followed by Neo Carlinae X Painted Lady, then Neo Lorena. But I'm a newbie to broms so what do I know. LOL

Happy Gardening and thanks for letting us have a peek at the show.

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