dragging them back in....

pearlgirlApril 15, 2014

My brugs have been out of the garage for three weeks now.
Had to cover them a couple of times, though. They are
leafing out and just got a nice dose of spring rain. The
forecast for tomorrow and Wed night has a freeze warning.
They'll definitely get pulled back into the garage.

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

That really sucks. It is the worst part of the year I think, dragging them back and forth. I have flowers on MEM and Wretched Mess right now so I am happy about that.
My pink jasmine is also blooming as well as all the citrus trees so it is STRONG smelling out there.
I planted out the MEM and WM next to each other this year since I noticed that they like to bloom at the same time.
Here is a pic of the pink jasmine aka Jasminum polyanthum

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I wish you good weather. What a pain to drag plants in and out because of weather. You guys are truly great gardeners because I don't think I would want to do all that work if I had to do what you do.

Know what you mean about scent outdoors. When I step out the backdoor, there's all this perfume in the air from blooming brugs and citrus blooms, fantastic!

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Jasmine...you LUCKY girl:):). I can imagine the fragrance
in your garden. I love the jasmines..... I have the SC yellow
one.....I think that the winter temps got one on them.....had
it for years. At least I have the lilacs blooming right now.
They're another of my very favorites.

Yeah, we pulled in at least 45. It was not a problem because I place them by the garage opening. I'm stopping
Eloise I say that exact same thing..."why am I doing this"?
I'm so deep into gardening...OCD for sure. I'll do it until I
cannot any more.
I can tell that it was very low last night because the leaves
on the roses are just now perking up....a repeat for tonight.

My margins on this post are a mess....in a hurry!
Have a great day, ladies.

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Margaret, what do you mean your margins are a mess? I just type and will only hit Enter twice when I need to start a new paragraph. Other than that, GW does the margins automatically.

Beautiful day out here, and I'm sending you all sunshine!

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I guess I meant paragraphs...you know....my lines aren't
always even. LOL...Eloise.

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