Unknown trichocereus?

wazungy(Quebec Canada)November 8, 2010

I had to buy this when I saw it. I have several trichocereus species, but I did not recognize this one (if it is trichocereus).

8 ribs, many fluffy hairy tufts from previous flowers that I removed much of.

The spines are thinner and more flexible than the usual spine. They are also quite long, I'd guess 3 to 4 inches at longest.

I could not find anything quite similar in my usual cactus ID spots.

Anybody have any clue?


Image link:

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Trichocereus chiloensis... ?????????? As a guess

or try Echinopsis types

Nice find

PS Feel free to visit us in the Reg Cactus & succulent forum posting here is by chance that it gets seen

Here is a link that might be useful: If you this already then just incase

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wazungy(Quebec Canada)

Thanks for the link, yes I know of this site.

Not a Chiloensis, spines on my cactus are much too thin and flexible to be chiloensis. (I own a T. Chiloensis).

I was wondering if it might be a huge gymno, but the fluffy-hairy remains of past flowers leads me to think otherwise. Gymno flowers are not hairy.(?)
Unfortunately I removed many massive fluffy clumps to see if it had bugs hiding. These clumps could have been good for I.D. (a little remains at the apex).


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