Oh no echeveria!

a_shau(San Francisco 8b)March 20, 2014

Or at least I think these were echeveria.

Does anyone know what may have happened to these poor lovelies?? I went away for one day on Tuesday and they looked fine and happy. When I went to check on these just now (thurs) I was so distraught to see this. These have always been outside; but recently I moved them from a shaded area to the back area, where it gets more sun. It's under a little bit of an overhang so it's a tiny shaded from the sun, but I've never seen anything like this.

There's a neighboring pot with one of the same echeveria about 2 feet away, and that echeveria is fine.

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What have your temperatures been like as of lately? Were they watered recently/still wet? It's been getting near freezing here (also zone 8, not sure what part of zone 8 you're in though) and most nights have been in the 40s. It almost looks like cold damage to me, i.e. frozen tissue that has since turned to mush.


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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

I would agree with Beth. To have leaves turn to mush so fast makes me wonder... Pull off the lower leaves and look at the stem, too. As long as the stem is good, you will be fine.

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I meant to ask this in my first post, but can you show a picture from overhead? I can't tell if it's my eyes or if there's some sort of white blotches on the top section of leaves.


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White blotches on them? I'd reckon sunburn too, with a double whammy of cold-when-wet. As Howard says, as long as the stem remains turgid, the leaves which are damaged will be shed and new ones will grow.

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

I see the white on top and wondered the same about sun exposure, especially going from a shaded area to more sun. Some Echeveria will grow new plants from the lower stem after dead leaves have been removed; you won't get new leaves growing from below the head.

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I was thinking sunburn too when I saw the white blotches, especially when the OP mentioned moving it from a shaded area to more sun, but I wasn't sure enough to state that. Still learning, haha.

Hopefully once the OP removes the leaves, all will be well.

To the OP, keep an eye on them in the next coming weeks. My part of zone 8 is supposed to get down to freezing a couple days next week. If they're wet, being wet and freezing temperatures can cause their quick demise.

On a side note regarding why the other Echeveria a couple feet away is fine... I noticed that the three in question are in a plastic (?) pot while the other one appears to be in clay. The clay pot will dry out faster, so that could be why you didn't see any issues with it.

I wish the weather would realize that it's Spring already.


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I have done that far too many times.. typical sun burn

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a_shau(San Francisco 8b)

thanks all! I don't know how cold it was on tues night since I was here, but in looking at my weather forecast it looks like it could have gone as low as 48 degrees here recently.

I do believe that I watered it and some of the water may have gotten left on top, although I usually try to avoid letting water touch the rosette (although not always successfully).

Paul - your eyes are working, that is indeed white on the top which promptly horrified and saddened me when I first saw them. I will check on the stem tomorrow.

Should I also pull of the white leaves to see if the top of the stem is ok?

Thank you all!

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Thanks, but I'm Beth (the one who's eyes weren't sure if they saw white stuff on the tops of the leaves). Hehe, no biggie. :)

I don't think you should remove the sunburned top leaves... allow them to die off on their own (if they do indeed die off).


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a_shau(San Francisco 8b)

Haha, whoops, sorry! looks like it's my eyes that are unsure. Anyway, I think I know what happened. I had watered this, and I think that the water must have collected in the dish and just pooled there over night for a couple of nights, and perhaps got soaked. I have since removed the dish - we'll see in due time if these make it. Sad!

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Sorry to hear that, I hope they make it!


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