Created an Echinopsis Gallery

metamogNovember 19, 2005

Hi cactigallery users!

I've created an Echinopsis Gallery, mainly for Echinopsis hybrids (even pure species).

This gallery takes hi res photos and it's purpose is to help out sharing photos, categorizing hybrids by it's hybridizer & swapping pups/seeds and so on.

Registered users can upload photos to all albums and create own personal albums (information and opinions can be shared by commenting on the photos).

This gallery is brand new so the only photos available at the moment is my own (not so much hybrid photos yet). I hope that this will change soon, and that You will register!

(email confirmation on registration is not working yet)

Take a look (and of course, register and share photos, comments & information):


Here is a link that might be useful: Echinopsis Gallery

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Hi Morgan!

Great idea! And a nice looking web page. I have some Echinopsis (hybrids?) without id. I will try to register and upload some pictures asap!


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Thank you Magnus!

I need to add: Even if the registration confirmation isn't working, it's possible to register. Just fill in the form and start posting!


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I have loads of echinopsis hybrids by different hybridizers such as schicks, paramounts, dimmit, westfield, rheingold, and Abbeybrook.

I'll get registered and upload some photos.


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I can't find an option to I blind, thick, or did you forget to add one in?


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The register link is a bit hidden, located under the "@"-sign on top. It's visible only while mouse-over.

I'm looking forward to your registration!


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LOL, thanks, I managed to come across the registration thingy on my own after having a fiddle around and you already know I posted a load of photos to brighten the place up.


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