Seedling with pups

avane_gwNovember 2, 2008

When I took out some of my seedlings out of their community tray to pot them up singly, I discovered that most of this grex are developing pups! Anybody else ever experienced that?

I was wondering whether I fed them too much, but surely then they would not start to develop colour at this tender age of about 10 months. And they all have nice wide leaves. The colour that is starting to show, all start at the base of the leaves and not at the tips. Could this be a sign that they were heavily fertilised is now starting to wear off? These are the first seedlings ever that I grow so I do not know what 'normal' behaviour is! Please let me know what you think!


I cannot get the HTML code to 'paste' although, when I click on the code on the Photobuckit frame, it shows 'copied' - but it does not give me the option to paste it here. I will try to put the photo in a follow-up.

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I forgot to mention that it is a cross of correia-araujoi x Beesteak. And the picture still does not want to attach itself. I even tried to restart my computer, so there must be a bug in GardenWorld's system! I'll keep on trying though!

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Here ya go Japie

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I've seen early pupping on a few of mine, but I would say it is unusual.

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It happens on my spring seedlings...rarely on the fall seedlings

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Hi Avane, I had about 30% of my Ae. Lueddemanniana seedlings throw multiple pups but only the occasional Neo.

All the best Nev.

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Japie, as regards the color: that is entirely normal for Neo seedlings to show color or markings only towards the base at first. Often that's all I have to go on when I choose which ones to spot off from the community pots into trays. It may not necessarily be the best indicator of things to come, but you have to use some kind of criteria if you don't want to grow them all out.

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