multi-legged bug

susan_on(6a)November 5, 2004

I just bought my first pineapple plant (2 weeks ago). It is about 10-12" high. I watered it earlier today, and a multilegged creepy bug came out of the dirt and went right back in another spot. What's up with that? Does anyone know if this is common, or if it's a problem?

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Susan, all bugs are multi-legged. Like HOW multi-legged? Like a centipede or millipede? They burrow into the dirt really rapid-fire--they are also mildly poisonous...

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Maybe it is a millipede..we have a lot of centipedes here, but I haven't seen a millipede. Is it just a fluke that it picked the soil of this houseplant? Or do I need to worry about it?

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madabouteu(8A - central Alabama)

Just a fluke. The only insect that "picks on" bromeliads is a weevil introduced to Florida from Mexico, and it has not spread past that state - not a burrower anyway.

I have had grasshoppers eat bromeliad leaves, though

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Oh, thanks so much...I didn't know if I should worry.

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