isusandiNovember 18, 2007

Hi friends, Succulent Lover

Today, I just bought some adenium (A.Compacta and seedling) in Ornamental Plant Expo at Indonesian Miniature Garden. Herewith I post its photo ;))

I saw many plant with low price ;) ie: 4 pots cactus for only $12, 4 adenium obesum seedling for only $12

Also I saw Adenium which collected from Socotra Island, Yemen, Unique Adenium, Sanseveria, Pachypodium, etc

You can see some exotic photo at :

(sorry I don't know how to attach some photo here...)

Also please visit my Pachypodium Collection at:

I hope you enjoy it.....

Happy Gardening....

Indra S.


Image link:

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Sorry friends,

The prices were not $12 but $1.2 ;)

Indra S.

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