Help! What disease/bug is my Angel Trumpet suffering from???

jawkneezeeApril 26, 2013

Good Morning everyone. So I have an angel trumpet that my wife and I planted in a half wine barrel about a year ago. It flourished with beautiful flowers and big green leaves. BUT, about 5 months ago, I noticed a lot of the leaves were turning yellow and falling off, the tips of the branched seemed to stop growing and would die off, and the leaves that managed to stay on looked yellowish, The flowers that once bloomed all the time now bloom about once a month and there are far less of them. I noticed that the root system quickly out grew the barrel it was in so I replanted it in the ground. Since then, I have tried to do research and came to the conclusion that it could be either an insect or disease problem. I looked at the underside of some leaves and found what looked like little left over exo-skeletons from some bug and a few flying green bugs. Went to Lowes and bout 2 different types of 3 in 1 insect and disease treatment. COMPLETELY sprayed the plant 2 times so far (4 days in between) and it doesnt look like its getting any better. Its been about a week and a half since treatment and leaves still falling off.

I just don't know if its something else or if I haven't given the pesticide/fungicide enough time to work. Since its such a hearty and fast growing plant I assumed I would see almost immediate results...but I probably shouldn't count on that. Any advise would help!


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This could be something in the roots. This forum isn't very active any more, I suggest you post somewhere else, like Shrubs or Pests & Diseases.

BTW, I wouldn't put anything on any plant without knowing what the problem is first. Not a good idea.

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Forgot - if it is in a barrel, that may be part of the problem. Be sure it's getting enough water. I tried growing one in a barrel once and it didn't do well at all. I had to put it in the ground and it was very happy. I don't plant them in pots or barrels any more.

You might also ask about this on the Florida forum, or Southern Gardening forum. There are LOTS of brug growers in Florida, that's where a couple of mine came from.

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