Seedling Daturas - Droopy leaves

doughollApril 1, 2010

My juvenile Datura plants (Datura metel)are approximately 8 inches tall, having developed nicely from seeds. I am using grow lights for 8-10 hours daily. With the weather here in Michigan approaching the 70s, I've taken them out for some real sun, however the leaves quickly begin to droop. It's not for lack of moisture as I keep them well watered and fertilized. Any suggestions?

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ruth_ann(Z5 Ont.Can.)

Not only are those leaves having to adjust to different sunlight, air currents and humidity but also to temperature differences. Keep them out only for an hour at a time and in shade to begin with. This allows them to harden to the air currents ( wind) and the humidity changes first, then you can gradually introduce them to direct sun for lengthening times each day after that. It is not just the sun you have to be careful of when introducing in home grown plants to the great outdoors.

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token28001(zone7b NC)

Last year, my indoor started datura did the same thing. I guess it got too much sun too soon. So I pulled all the leaves off. It regrew new ones that didn't droop. It grew into a huge plant by the end of summer.

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