Help! Orthophytum saxicola problems

lrn2groNovember 20, 2012

Okay so I had posted about this plant before but still am running into issues. Before the leaves were curling down and were turning brown. so I was watering more often. Now it looks like I am watering too much?? I cannot find a happy medium with this plant! Any suggestions? I cannot seems to find anything on Orthophytum saxicola on the web.


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I am no bromliad expert but try the succulent forum because it looks like a succulent of some kind, but check here once a while to see anyone drop by.

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deviant-deziner(Oh zone)

as the species names implies ( saxicola = saxicolous = growing on rocks ) it likes growing on a fast draining stony outcropping but I have found that a little bit of soil helps with nutrient value.

I garden in zone 9 (northern california) and bring about 1/2 of my bromeliads into an unheated greenhouse or under the covering of the front porch and hold the watering until late winter / early spring ... with a few exceptions.

These Orthophytums tend to have the same growing needs as Dyckias. I do not water them at all during the winter.

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I mentioned the same thing in the previous post. Likely it's from a more humid climate, rain has a lot of oxygen whereas tap water usually has next to none. The tap water in soil would maintain a virtually oxygen-free environment around the roots, a recipe for rot. In its natural environment it would have regular rain water which would drain fast.

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so should I stop watering for the winter? should i cover it with something to keep humidity up? The only problem I have with that is that I tend to attract gnats with humid moist environments.
tropicbreezent: are you suggesting I try to water with only rain water? If so this will be a little difficult for me

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