trying to id my bromelaid

just_graceNovember 7, 2010

Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum and hope you will forgive me my ignorance in plants... I'm learning as this bromelaid has sparked my curiosity. I bought it this past spring at a local W-M attracted by the difference from other plants and the vibrant color of the bloom. The bloom is now fading in color and I could be totally wrong but I think it has dropped ??? seeds ???. I found several round shaped pods/seeds?? on top of the potting soil and took a wild guess they were dropped from the bloom.

From the reading I've done online this weekend, I mistakenly potted the bromelaid in just potting soil in a self-watering planter (which btw I will never purchase again because they have kept the soil on all of my plants way to wet).

If anyone can tell me the type of Bromelaid this is and proper care info and/ seeding info I would really appreciate your time.

Thanks, Grace

Here is a link that might be useful: ID Bromelaid

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It looks like Vriesea carinata or a hybrid of carinata.

Do a search for Vriesea care and you should get some good results - you want a free draining mix, I use 50/50 pine bark and potting mix. Put your Allocasia in the water well pot.


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Thank you for replying. After looking at 100's of pics trying to figure out exactly what I had, your knowledge saved my tired eyes *lol*. Appreciate it.


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