Blue Tango!!!

fawnridge(10A)November 6, 2008

It took 3 years for one of them in each of the colonies to bloom, but what a great color!

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very nice!

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I look forward to my Blue Tango, or a pup of it, flowering someday. I've almost killed it off twice now.

Ricky, I still don't think that I've seen you at the Boca Raton Bromeliad Society meetings. We do interesting stuff beside the meetings. This month we're going to Jeffery Block's place in Miami. I hear it's a very worthwhile visit. I'll post a pic or two in a few weeks.

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I've been out of the country quite a bit in the past few months, leaving again on 12/3 for Australia. Next year we'll be home a lot more so hopefully I can get involved then.

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