Aechmea orlandiana

vrieseaNovember 20, 2009

Hi everyone remember the Vr,fosteriana thread ( you show me yours and i will show you mine ? ) well lets have a look at all the forms of the Ae,orlandiana's hmmm ? i will start of with my " Snow flake " lets see whats out there ok ?

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I like that 'Snow Flake' but it looks fragile. Is it?

I have this seedling and about half the leaves have an interesting, almost checker-board pattern. I hope to get some pups from that side that are fully checkered.

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Jack, your Snow Flake looks spectacular! I seriously need one for my collection. I see you grow it in the shade house - do you know whether it can handle some direct sun when grow mounted outside?

Here are some of mine. The first pictore is one of those that I was in the right spot on the right time with my camera in my hand - 2 spots of sunlight fell through the the leaf canopy above on just the right places!

Aech orlandiana and Ensign:

And here's my Gold Tone. I first mounted it where it got hardly any direct sun and it turned green! So I moved it to some sun and now getting maybe a bit too much, as the emerging pup coming out looking exactly like my Ensign!

Aech Gold Tone:

Aech Black Beauty:

Aech Medio Picta:

Aech orlandiana var. orlandiana:

I'll get some pictures of my other orlandianas and post them later.


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Hello Jack and all friends,

Jack, your Snow flake is stunning. I have one but doesn't look good as yours.

Bromadams, The leaf pattern of your plant looks very interesting. Look like a check.;-)

Japie, It's awesome. How long have you planted on the stumps? I also have some plants you posted but I hve no pics. Unfortunately, my thumb drive was lost. There are a lot of pics inside. Great for sharing. Thank;-)


Here is my A.'Ensign Reverse and A.corriea araujoi

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Well thanks everyone ,great photos and good variety ,love that first photo Japie ,the spots of sunlight are just right ,my ' Snowflake' is slow growing and i would not grow it outside here in Port Macquarie ,to cold in winter ,my friend Tamera has 'Snowflake' thats a bit greener and is variegated in green but needs more development,once again this shows the variability of a species and its cultivars ,i dont know if you will keep the well defined checkerboard pattern ,bromadams ,nice clone of reverse ensign Yong ,and the A,corriea araujoi is nice to ,its interesting how that plant and the Canistrum seideliana mimic the Orlandiana group ,perhaps these plants all share a common pollinater in the wild,mimicry is only ever practised in nature for a distinct advantage to the mimic , i must try and self my plant to see what the offspring will look like , Jack

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brom_adorer(Mid-North Coast, NSW)

Beautiful plants all. Jack, what a good idea for a thread. I do like seeing how different the plants look in varying climates and countries and collections.
Here are my orlandianas
A. 'Snowflake'

A. 'Snowflake', A. orlandiana
A. "Black beauty', A. 'Ensign'

I have an A. correia-araujoi on the side of a tree fern trunk, but its too dark to go get a pic. I should take one though, just to add to photobucket

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Hi B.A , not being critical but i suggest you give your ' Snowflake " a bit less light ,its not as tough as the other Orlandianas ,the others are spot on ,thanks for showing , Jack

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Two of my favourite photos. Ensign in flower and Bert showing interesting patterning.

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Thats a very nice clone of ' Bert ' i have one identical to that but there are several clones ( slightly differing ) but the one with the big black finger nails is the pic in my book , Jack

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paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)

Hi Jack, great idea for a thread. Terrific plants and pics from everyone and Japie, your light show is a beauty.

Things have moved on a bit since I posted my last lot of orlandiana pics, so this morning I decided it was time to take some new ones.

There is an "orlandiana rock garden" around at my brom-mad mates place, where we've both experimented with different orlandiana clones to see how they respond. The garden gets full sun for most of the day through winter, with dappled shade through the middle of the day in summer. Here is a pic of the garden, followed by a closeup of each of the orlandiana clones in it. Some of them have question marks against their names, so I'd be interested in any thoughts.

The "orlandiana rock garden". There used to be more succulents in it, but they've mostly been overtaken by orlandianas sending their pups crawling out over the rocks.

'Dark Princess'

'Snowflake?' - gets a real pink blush in the sun

'Snowflake?' on the left, compared to 'White Knight' on the right. WK seems to have more regular patterning underneath and doesn't seem to develop the same pink blush as 'Snowflake?'

'Rainbow?' - heavier patterning underneath than 'Snowflake?' and seems to develop more of an orange blush in the sun, rather than the clear pink of 'Snowflake?'

This one was just identified as 'dark form', but it's a beauty, with really intense clean dark purple markings

'Picaninny Heywood'. An old plant now a bit past it, but in its prime that blush on the outer parts of the leaves is a more pronounced orangey-reddish colour.

Now at my place. For Germaine (bromaloonie) if you are following, this is my little experiment with a pup of my 'Snowflake?' on the left, and the pup that you sent me from your 'Snowflake?' - possibly 'White Knight?' - on the right. They have both been growing together in that spot since you sent the pup back in early May, getting 30% shade through winter moving to 50% shade over the last couple of months. They certainly seem to be maintaining their differences. How are yours going?

Let's see some more orlandianas! Cheers, Paul

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Hello All,

I just find my thumbdrive and has some A.olandiana to post.

A.White Knight looks similar to your plants Paul.

Another A.'Gold Tone' Albomarginated plant.


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Here are some of the others that I got pictures of:

Aech orlandiana Pink:

Aech White Knight:

Aech Rainbow:

Aech Pickaniny:

Aech Pickaniny x White Knight:

Aech Black Beauty:

I know they are not all grown in the ideal spot, but I like to have them mounted all in more or less the same place. As soon as I get pups to spare, I will put some in other places to try and get them looking as good as possible!


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Well thanks everyone ,you can never tell whats out there ,never heard of " White Knight " before.thats the great thing about this forum look what we can all gain from this type of cooperation ,have posted some piccies ,i only grow the ' Ensign' and reverse ' Snow Flake ' and thats it ,but have two different clones of ' Ensign ' the bright pink tinged clone gets that colour whether growing inside or out and grows much bigger than the green and white clone .

so thats my input ,I like the other forms but room does not allow it , Jack

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brom_adorer(Mid-North Coast, NSW)

Hi Jack. My Snowflake is still only young, and it probably is in too much high light while it is establishing, but it will make it a tougher plant and the pup (when it gets one) will be more tolerant of the high light conditions, (or at least, thats my theory) My Black beauty seems to have more solid patches of colour to the leaves than others shown here. Is mine maybe not a Black Beauty? None of the others seem to have as much colour

Any ideas?

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paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)

Japie, maybe you could get them looking different if you grew them in a different place, but better? I'm not so sure about that. I reckon those hot colours and hard features stand up pretty well in their own right. Some great clones as well - terrific collection.

Jack, you're right about these threads as a source of unexpected info. I never realised that there were two clones going around as 'Ensign'. I have the big pink upright one and have wondered many times what other people have done to theirs to make them go green and floppy. Now I know - nothing!

BA, that 'Black Beauty' of yours looks pretty cool - what is it like from the side?

Cheers, Paul

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Well Japie I do like your pink clone and the ' Black Beauty ' is very nice ,yours to B.A but it looks different , just the same its nice ,thanks everyone for all the great shots and your input.We have to do more of these threads ,look at all the varied clones that come to light , Cheers Jack ,

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brom_adorer(Mid-North Coast, NSW)

sorry paul, it hs taken awhile for me to get back to you, what with one thing and another.
Here is my plant from the side, taken last week.

It looks even better if I wet it before the pic, but its a bit too hot for that!
Any ideas on what it is?

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Wow - you folks have so many stunning broms - thanks again for sharing. I'm a big fan of splotchy/multi-coloured broms and looks like the many Aech orlandiana's have that in spades. Definitely a few more for the wish list - that list is getting remarkably longer since joining this forum!


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Well Thanks everyone for participating in this thread ,I find it rewarding in so far as we all find out the variety and differing conditions that they all are / grow in ,and look at the extremes ,my 'Snowflake' is the palest,and Japie's ' Black Beauty ' the darkest ,with all the differing ones in between ,and B.A's plant that looks like it is splattered with Tar, No wonder our collections can get huge if you ' Want' them all ,Cheers

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