Exchange forum... a bit OT but I'm curious

paulzie32(9)November 20, 2010

Sorry for the Cross post, but know there's some that visit here and not the other forum and vice versa.

I was just wondering how many people here actually visit the Exchange Forum(s)?

I like to check it every couple of days just to see if there's someone looking for something I have a lot of or maybe someone has something I'd like to have. I've received some nice and some quite rare or hard to find plants and seeds from there!

I've also passed along thinned seedlings, pruned and trimmed branches of my plants as well as passed on some aging seeds to some very appreciative recipients. Better than just throwing them away.

If I have it, I'm more than happy to share!

But I see a lot of posts that go unanswered and don't know if it's because people just don't go there to view them or no one is interested in what they have or want, OR are they being answered by direct email?

I know I'm guilty of sending and receiving seeds and/or plants, emailing the poster directly and never posting a response. I suppose I should have, just so others know there's been a response.

I've also posted Haves and Wants that have gone unanswered.

Is it because no one has, wants or wants to share what I've posted or has no one even looked at the posts?

So, Do you check that forum? Have you sent plants or seeds without posting?

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I check all exchange forums about once a week and have made some wonderful trades.


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Paul,

I think that it's a combination of several things: many folks currently on here seem not to know about the Exchange Forum.

I rarely look for several reasons. Partly because I tend to already have the most common stuff offered for trade (esepecially at the Hoya Forum); partly that I belong to active Plant Societies where I can often buy specials in person off a plant sale table.

Example: last month we had a speaker specializing in Succulent Bonsai. She showed slides, gave a presentation & also sold some plants she'd brought w/ her to sell. Some of her stuff is unusual like a Sedum multiceps I bought (have seen that twice in maybe 20 yrs) & a crested variegated Aeonium. These aren't plants that most vendors would have around.

Lastly, it's winter in NY now; too cold to even think about swaps & shipping (unless w/ a heat pack).

I too have had some very nice swaps from here, especially at the Hoya Forum.

Bottom line Paul, I don't think it's that they don't want what you offer, it's that few folks come around here anymore (IMO).

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I was also curious, for beginners that is the place to go, and I'm sure you would find great trades, it's just not for me.

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chrisware(5-6 wv)

Also, when you go to the garden forums listing, you will see that some of the forums have two Arrows chasing each other after their name. This denotes that you can also use that forum for exchanges as well. I have always done this since becoming a member years ago... Just did it last week in the cacti and succulent forum and had people telling me that it wasn't I wanted to point them to the key at the bottom of the forum listing page, but decided not to go off on a tangent.... All I was looking for was a trade, not drama, so I dropped it.
Good luck with your trade seeking,

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)


I've been on this Forum (C&S not here) for almost 10 yrs now & know have never seen or heard anything about the double arrows you've just mentioned. Am guessing few others know about it too.

As to your comment about the C&S Forum, the Exchange Page is still the place one's expected to go for trades/swaps, etc.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Chris,

Tangents are neither criminal nor necessarily off point.

Also, not everything is drama, not sure what your issues is here about it.

Curious what you're talking about w the 'arrows' I went to the list of all forums & finally, I saw it there.

However, what you're saying about the C&S forum is not correct, its trade or exchange area is not the 'Discussion' area of the C&S Forum itself as you seem to mistakenly believe.

If you had made that point, it would have been corrected by several people at least.

Otherwise at the very bottom of its face page there would not be a thing on which to click for 'Exchanges" as there is now. I suggest you take another look, perhaps when you've got a bit less drama on your mind.

Interesting to see how quick some folks are to assume multiple other folks are wrong.

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